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Our Beliefs

Westdale Park Free Methodist Church is a member of the Free Methodist Church of Canada and is a member of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

From the Free Methodist Church of Canada website:

The Free Methodist Church is a movement of Christian congregations all across our country that are committed to sharing the good news of faith in Jesus Christ and encouraging believers into a life of ongoing transformation that impacts our families, our communities and our nation.
We are committed to the authority of the Bible and to the life of the Spirit. We seek to allow God to shape our whole lives - attitudes, thoughts and relationships. Free Methodists seek to help people find new life in Christ and to live lives of loving integrity.
We are committed to the biblical principle that all believers are participants in God’s purposes. Our churches are eager to help people discover how they can know God and serve others in meaningful ways and so bring about transformation in our world.
Free Methodist Church roots are deeply embedded in the spiritual awakening of 18th century England which gave rise to the Methodist movement. Today, the Free Methodist Church ministers in 70 countries around the world. In Canada, over 150 churches are located as far west as Vancouver and as far east as Sherbrooke, Quebec.